Project-Based Learning

Through Project-Based Learning (PBL), Scholarship Prep utilizes digital content and instructional technology to create a unique classroom environment, which allows students to grow as independent learners while the teacher focuses on group and targeted, differentiated instruction.

Project-Based Learning is a teaching strategy that uses real-world learning activities to engage student interest and motivation. In PBL, students collaborate, problem-solve, make decisions along their journey, create something new, and present their work. Projects are designed to address essential questions or problems that represent experiences people encounter in the world outside a traditional classroom.

Additionally, our teachers:

  • Utilize proven practices through research-based strategies;
  • Provide standards-based instruction through Backwards Design (planning with the end in mind);
  • Infuse academic rigor throughout the curriculum utilizing Gifted Education strategies; and
  • Incorporate Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy to stimulate higher thinking levels including the process of creation, development, and design, which aligns perfectly with PBL.
  • Our staff also receive comprehensive training through targeted professional development that will occur before the school year and frequently throughout the year.

  World Language - Spanish

To ensure our students have the greatest opportunities to compete in the global economy of the 21st century, Scholarship Prep students learn Spanish starting in transitional kindergarten through eighth grade. Spanish is spoken by more than 567 million people in the world, and is the second most spoken language in the United States.

Students not only learn the foundational components of the language, but understand the historical contributions and cultural dimensions of the Spanish language.